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Timo Schaedel
1977. Born in Hamburg, living in Berlin, studied in London. Father. Husband. Runner. Curious learner. Nature lover. Hobby cook. Always entering new terrains. MA Digital Moving Image / London Metropolitan University.

I am

Creative / Director. Idea Robot. Future tech Enthusiast. Friends call me Visionary. Past and Future-again-Entrepreneur. Founder of Twinkind „Portraits from the future". Always looking for the next step. Creator, not consumer. Artist in digital crafts, VFX, photo-real 3D Animation. Seeing the bigger picture and granular details at the same time. Always questioning and pushing standards. Having a Silicon Valley mindset. Always trying to think a step further – driving friends and family mad. Working hard and not giving up. Working cross-disciplinary, in the clash of domains. Trying to contribute a little bit to making the world a better place.

Things I care about in my professional life

Entrepreneurship Tech and Future Product Development, digitally and physically UX, UI Augmented and Virtual Reality Work and business literature 3D Animation, Rendering, Compositing, Motion Design Typography Photography RED Arnold Render, VRay, Redshift Nuke, XSI, Maya Productivity tools, workflow, optimization Automation, Robots, Devices IOT WeWork Sustainability Software development NodeJS React(Native) Vue Swift MongoDB WordPress Drupal Web 3.0 Blockchain Machine learning AI TED Noah Conference WWDC WeAreDevelopers ECommerce Netsuite ERP Agency solutions Drop shipping 3D Scanning and Printing

Leaders, thinkers, entrepreneurs

Simon Sinek Al Gore Jim Kwik Elon Musk Barack Obama Jack Ma Dr Dre

My work


Film production, Direction, photo-realistic 3D Animation and Visual Effects

I direct and create films and visual effects for a broad range of media.

With 15+ years of experience in digital media of all kinds, I work on projects of any size. I lead teams and vision as a director. I get hands-on behind the workstation – with my own team or as a one-man-show. Find my related work under the name of:

Bytery Park


Bringing your company into the digital world

Full-service web development, UI, UX, Design, Frontend, Content Management Systems CMS, Backend (Craft CMS, Drupal, WordPress)


Consulting for small businesses, start-ups, individuals

I am passing on my experience, learnings and findings in the areas of digitalization, digital infrastructure, workflow and project creation. I can help to enter the space, setup, refurbish, to rethink or redo.


Developing ideas

I am constantly in the process of developing and evaluating new product and business ideas. It´s always nice to chat over a coffee or two.

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Phone: +49 - (0)30 - 921 00 41 80

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